Welcome to Eedi! We’re excited to have you on board 👋


Signing in 🧑‍💻

Your teacher will have created your Eedi account, also known as your Learning Hub. To sign in, head on over to family.eedi.com/login and enter your username and password.


Streaks and Coins 🔥💰

We know it’s really important to reward effort and hard work, that’s why when you learn with Eedi, you’ll be rewarded with Streaks and Coins!

Working on topics 💡

There are a few different ways you can learn with Eedi:

  1. Classroom assignments Your teacher will assign you specific topics to work on. These will have Start and Due dates which you’ll want to keep an eye on! You’ll find your recommended classroom assignment at the top of your Learn page 👇

    Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 11.52.35.png

    To find the rest of your assignments set by your teacher, scroll down to your Learning section (just below your recommended topic). Here you’ll see tabs for your Assignments and Overdue assignments.

    Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 11.54.35.png

  2. Independent study Aside from the work your teachers set you, you may also want to brush up on more of your maths skills. Eedi will recommend some topics that you can work on and you’ll find these in your Learning section within the All topics tab 🙂

Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 12.14.01.png

  1. Searching for a topic You can search for specific topics to work on! To do this, click on the All Topics tab within your Learning section. At the top you’ll find a search bar, use this to search for your topic.

If you need some help searching for a topic, you can also chat with one of our friendly tutors and they’ll send you some recommendations 🔍

Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 12.37.40.png